WordCamp Boston 2015 Recap

What an amazing weekend in Boston! I am a little late to make this post, but it has been a very busy few weeks. Three weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at Boston University for WordCamp Boston 2015.

The speaking role was a surprise to me. Both my wife and I had applied to speak and my wife, Sandy, was selected to speak a few weeks prior. Since I had never been to Boston, I decided to travel with her and we wanted¬†to head up a little early to enjoy the city. The morning of our flight, I received an email from the WordCamp Boston organizers asking if I would be in Boston and if I could fill in for some last minute cancellations. I was both excited and a little worried, but I responded yes, planing on putting together my presentation on the flight. Continue reading “WordCamp Boston 2015 Recap”

WordPress Meetup Talk – SEO Optimization and Identifying Content

I want to thank everyone for coming out for tonight’s talk, Optimizing Your Website and Identifying Quality Content for SEO. I enjoyed sharing my experiences I have had in the world of SEO with all that came out. Below, you will find a PDF of my slideshow.

ChrisEdwards – Optimizing Your Website and Identifying Quality Content for SEO

In the next week, I will be turning this presentation in to a series of articles that will post over the next couple weeks onto my blog. Please subscribe or follow me on twitter to be notified once these posts are published.

WordPress Import Download Images Simple Fix

This morning, I attempted a simple WordPress Export and Import of roughly 100 posts from a client’s old WordPress blog to his new one. I quickly discovered a major error using the official WordPress Import plugin.¬†While all the posts imported just fine, the option “Download and import file attachments” did not work. This was due to images being embedded into the post. Oddly enough, I found that some of the images did import, however, the file paths did not change. Continue reading “WordPress Import Download Images Simple Fix”

Google Domains vs GoDaddy Domain Prices

In the summer of 2014, Google rolled out a private beta of their new domain registration service, Google Domains. Recently, they have opened up Google Domains for public use. Over 50% of domains are currently registered through GoDaddy, the leader among domain registrars. With the launch of Google Domains, many are asking what is the difference and a price comparison between the two. Continue reading “Google Domains vs GoDaddy Domain Prices”