Google Domains vs GoDaddy Domain Prices

In the summer of 2014, Google rolled out a private beta of their new domain registration service, Google Domains. Recently, they have opened up Google Domains for public use. Over 50% of domains are currently registered through GoDaddy, the leader among domain registrars. With the launch of Google Domains, many are asking what is the difference and a price comparison between the two.

Google Domains Pricing

Google Domains offers what they call “fair, transparent pricing for all domains“, meaning all domains have a flat price regardless of how many domains you register or how many years you register for. On the other hand, GoDaddy offers different discounts based on how many domains you have registered, 1st year vs 2nd year, new customer vs existing customer and discount buying clubs. For large agencies with many domains, these types of discounts can save your agency on domain purchases and renewals. For the average person, these discounts do not always add up.

Google also offers “Whois Privacy” free on all domains registered. This is a feature that you must pay roughly $7.99 per year per domain with GoDaddy. For those that use domain privacy, this is a major benefit for Google Domains.

Google Domains vs GoDaddy Domain Pricing Comparison

* Domains marked with this asterisk do not include the $0.18 ICANN fee per year.

Domain TLDGoogle DomainsGoDaddy
Per Year1st yr / 2nd yr
.com$12$12.99* / $14.99*
.net$12$8.99* / $16.99*
.org$12$8.99* / $17.99*
.info$12$2.99* / $10.99*
.biz$12$9.99* / $16.99*
.co$30$12.99* / $27.99*
.company$20$16.99* / $24.99*
.directory$20$17.99* / $24.99*
.email$20$16.99* / $24.99*
.estate$30$27.99* / $39.99*
.guru$28$27.99 / $39.99
.land$30$27.99* / $39.99*
.me$20$9.99* / $19.99*
.photography$20$17.99* / $24.99*
.photos$20$17.99* / $24.99*
.reviews$20$49.99* / $29.99*
.us$12$7.99* / $19.99*

The pricing above was gathered and posted on January 17th, 2015. Please check each site for up to date prices and discounts.


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