Google Domains vs GoDaddy Domain Prices

In the summer of 2014, Google rolled out a private beta of their new domain registration service, Google Domains. Recently, they have opened up Google Domains for public use. Over 50% of domains are currently registered through GoDaddy, the leader among domain registrars. With the launch of Google Domains, many are asking what is the difference and a price comparison between the two. Continue reading “Google Domains vs GoDaddy Domain Prices”

How to Track Twilio Calls as Google Analytics Events

Last year, I had a client ask for a simple call tracking solution so that they could see in Google Analytics how many calls they were receiving to their website. I figured I could easily use Twilio to set this up, however, found the resources online lacking a simple solution. Most have created a script, then decided they would charge for that same script. After a few days of working on and off on this project, I found a solution utilizing php-ga┬áthat was designed just for this project. Here is how you can easily set this up in under 5 minutes on your website, for FREE. Continue reading “How to Track Twilio Calls as Google Analytics Events”