How to Track Twilio Calls as Google Analytics Events

Last year, I had a client ask for a simple call tracking solution so that they could see in Google Analytics how many calls they were receiving to their website. I figured I could easily use Twilio to set this up, however, found the resources online lacking a simple solution. Most have created a script, then decided they would charge for that same script. After a few days of working on and off on this project, I found a solution utilizing php-ga that was designed just for this project. Here is how you can easily set this up in under 5 minutes on your website, for FREE. Continue reading “How to Track Twilio Calls as Google Analytics Events”

Focus On Your Audience and Less On Google’s Algorithm

Everyone believes they are a SEO expert these days. Everyone understands the basics, such as keyword rich content is king and that you should optimize your site for search engines to locate you. However, many have lost focus on why they are trying to have the search engines notice you, which is to get visitors to your website.

A number one spot on Google is great however many have failed to convert that spot into traffic. Everyday, webmasters strive to gain Google’s favor and get their website listed in the top spots. Webmasters get excited when they land that spot however their traffic does not increase as much as they expected. I want to talk about a few key examples I have seen. Continue reading “Focus On Your Audience and Less On Google’s Algorithm”

Is The Meta Keyword Tag Still Used By Google, Bing and Yahoo?

One of the most asked questions I receive from clients and webmasters is does Google still utilize meta keyword tags in SEO ranking factors. Many SEO professionals debate over this controversial issue. The debates are based on an article published by Matt Cutts of Google released in September of 2009. The article, which was also accompanied by a video, informed us that Google no longer uses meta keyword tags as a SEO ranking factor. It was after this statement was made that many asked what all the other search engines were doing in regards to the use of meta keyword tags, and after much research, this is what I found out. Continue reading “Is The Meta Keyword Tag Still Used By Google, Bing and Yahoo?”

Superb SEO Does Not Guarantee Valuable Traffic

For years I have heard clients and business owners say that their SEO strategies success was in direct correlation to their website’s traffic numbers. There are a number of reasons why this statement is inaccurate and potentially detrimental to their online core business. This article will explain the reasons behind why this is not the case and what are some better ways to quantify your businesses online success.

There is a major difference to the health of an organization online between traffic and valuable traffic (targeted traffic). Let’s take a look at a sample business to see what the difference actually is: Continue reading “Superb SEO Does Not Guarantee Valuable Traffic”